Transparent Wholesale Pricing



We believe in complete transparency and offer direct wholesale rates to all of our customers. From small to large enterprise, we offer every customer the benefit of the lowest fee structure available in card processing. Additionally, our fair, transparent and clear-cut pricing method ensures that you’ll always know what to expect.

Storefront rates

0.30% + $0.10 per transaction
We understand that payment processing is a cost of doing business and helps maximize sales. PayDemand helps retail merchants enable the right technology to protect and grow your profit margins while identifying processing improvement opportunities that impacts your bottom line; this could be a simple training opportunity for your staff that is accepting payments to more complex support around chargeback management.

Ecommerce rates

0.35% + $0.15 per transaction
Accept online and card-not-present payments without paying a fortune. Whether you are accepting payments from consumers or businesses, our wholesale pricing structure gives your business the advantage of qualifying each transaction at the lowest rate available. We also offer special reduced rates for non-profit organizations and subscription billing businesses. Additionally, PayDemand helps businesses that accept large business card transactions save hundreds, even thousands, by enabling the right technology to process those card payments.

Restaurant rates

0.25% + $0.05 per transaction
Advance your restaurant, bar or café with the lowest priced credit card processing solution. We offer reduced rates for restaurant merchants based on our Interchange-plus pricing model. Our fair margins are laid out clearly from the beginning and we don’t require low-term leasing or monthly minimums. We don’t charge annual fees, termination fees or any other hidden fees.

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